visit to bikaner city

During my visit to Bikaner, a beautiful city of Rajasthan, I got to visit the royal palace. A special museum, where all the belongings of former kings, queens and other royal members of the family are kept. Although it was my first visit to Bikaner, all the streets and locality seems like a homely to me. Bikaner is very authenticated city, even local vendors talk like royal people and their behavior is very polite. I couldn’t stop wondering by looking at the architecture of this beautiful city. I went there with my father, we didn’t hire any local guide as it was my father’s birthplace.

Nostalgic memories during the visit to Bikaner city

My father went to Bikaner after 20 years but he said not many things changed in this city yet. Authenticity is still flowing in the air of this city. He knew all the street of this city on the back of his hands. He was really enjoying our visit to the city.

Well, we saw so many amazing colorful showpieces in the palace, they were looking like they were all imported. This shows the wealthy culture of the royal family of Bikaner. Maharaja Ganga Singh Ji was the most popular king of Bikaner after Maharaja Bika Singh Ji who founded the Bikaner City by the Order of Karni Maa (A divine lady respected even by all the kings of Rajasthan).

It was really magical traveling in this ancient city. I searched a lot for a similar pot like this one in the city but I guess it was that special not anyone can find that easily. I can never forget this memorable trip to Bikaner city. I want to visit this city once again, hoping that day will come very soon in my life.